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Sim Lock Remove

Repair BT

IMEI Repair (Please follow your country rules before using this option)

Wipe Phones

Remove Google Account

Smart Card Protected

Supports Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8.0, Win 8.1, Win 10

- Samsung Reactivation Lock Reset

- Improved Samsung FRP Lock Reset

- LG Pattern/PIN/Passowrd/Knock Unlock and Enable USB Debugging without Root

- Updated Android Anti-Malware

- Improved Samsung SPD Unlock Code Read (May work on HardLocked Phones too).Lava C180 (Jan 27 2015) - One Click Unlock, Write Firmware (Normal/Emergency) - World's First

Haier C380 (Apr 25 2014) - One Click Unlock, Write Firmwre (Normal/Emergency), Write EFS Only, Write MEID - World's First

Only Software to Support 8 Versions of Haier C380 / C381

Enhanced ESN/MEID/SPC/IMEI Remove Function From Full Dumps

Improved ADB Communication Function

Improved ADB Function on Windows 7 upto Windows 10- All Samsung SPD Phone Certificate Read / Write

- All Samsung SPD Phone WIFI Mac Repair / Write

- All Samsung SPD Phone Bluetooth ID Repair / Write

- MonkeyTest and TimeService Virus Removal without Data Loss

- All Samsung Factory Test Mode Repair

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